SST offers  shipping services for  Domestic Cargo Forwarding,
Overseas Shipping, export and import related services including transport and documentation.

The role of SST Freight Forwarding Services   .......

SST involved in the Seafreight, Airfreight, cargo and transportation services industry in Malaysia and internationally. SST will provide  client with the skills and expertise to arrange the  domestic shipment, overseas shipment of their hard won  orders .

From the first inception of Clients order, he can rely on SST to provide logistics solutions to expertly arrange the shipping of his order. 

From collection, packing and shipping of this order,SST can be relied upon to follow your shipment through all aspects of the supply chain until final delivery.

This will involve SST handling the necessary import or export paperwork, from standard shipping notes, Bills of Lading, Certificates of Origin, or any one of a multitude of commercial documents needed to ensure the smooth shipment of an order.
SST provides a pivotal role between their client (consignor) and that clients  customer (consignee). 

The role of SST can be a simple matter of shipping a pallet to Labuan or handling  those larger shipping projects. From a few crates to few thousand tonnes. Be it 5 tonnes of machinery to Dubai or shipping 300 tractors to China SST will be well suited to the task. 
From the Bills of Lading, Foreign Customs requirements, import and export customs formalities, Incoterms or just general advice and guidance on how to get your order shipped out, and, how you can get paid for that order !
Ask the professionals. Ask SST.

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